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Our Story

Melony and ``Reba``

This touching story began when Melony Daniels and her beloved Golden Retriever, Reba, became a part of each other’s lives. Melony’s passion for animals was natural and deep. She new that animals needed loving homes and safe environment. Injured, abused or neglected, Melony wanted to find a way to help them.

Soon she realized the need for a place dedicated to the permanent care of animals in need with a complimentary vision of adoption services. Reba, the family pet, was her inspiration.

Tragically, before her dream could come true, Melony passed away.

Her loving husband and children are now dedicated to making her vision a reality.

In 2019, as grief subsided, Reba’s Rescue was created with the goal of establishing a No Kill and Rescue compound for dogs, cat and horses.
Reba’s Rescue is a respected and growing 501-C3 that offers partnership opportunities for effective animal advocacy.

Melony’s love for her family and animals is celebrated thanks to Reba’s Rescue.

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Who We Support

Our Partners

In less than two years, Reba’s Rescue has contributed $40,000.0 to the Norfolk SPCA and $10,000.00 to Equi Kids. We are proud of our ability to identify quality organizations who understand the joy of animals and share our mission of enhancing the life of dogs, cats and horses.
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Who supports us

Our Benefactors

We are grateful to our estimated 1,500 members who have joined Reba’s Animal Rescue Club. Their annual dues of $20.00 have generated an estimated $30,000.00 allowing us to support No Kill Shelters and like-minded charities.

Our long-term vision is to establish a permanent facility dedicated to the rescue, care, rehabilitation and adoption of animals in need. You can help by joining Reba’s Animal Rescue Club.

Board of Directors

Marty Williams
Chesapeake, Virginia

John Richardson
Virginia Beach

Kevin Allison

Clifton Bar

Our Mission

The mission of Reba’s Rescue is to provide a loving and safe environment for animals in need of care, rescue and rehabilitation while welcoming the opportunity for eventual adoption.

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